Experience Bold, Immersive Sound with Audality’s Revolutionary Wireless Audio Technology.

Patented Technology

Audality holds multiple patents with many more patents pending for our innovative wireless audio technology. Our radio technology operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band, and because our radio is purpose built for audio, we deliver wireless audio with low latency and robust wireless connections for extraordinary range. 


We have designed wireless audio modules that let you put wireless audio into your existing audio electronics - speakers, televisions, sound bars, and more. And so you can get your products to market faster, we also offer plug-and-play modules like amplifiers, battery chargers, and interface circuits to get your products running quickly.


Whether the end use is automotive, home audio, professional stage environments, headphones or microphones, WiC modules can be quickly configured for excellent sound quality, power consumption and range. The sophisticated software architecture enables highly flexible audio network configurations and audio modes like transmitter, receiver or bi-directional, 1-8 channels, and multi-room zone selection. You can even program EQ curves and tunings in the radio.

Wireless Speakers

See how Audality helped wireless speaker company JZM Audio launch a compression-less wireless speaker in three months using Audality WiC® wireless audio technology.

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Wireless Gaming Headset

Audality WiC® wireless audio technology created a gaming headset with low-latency, uncompressed, 24-bit audio and a 100 meter range that also works for video conferencing.

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Wireless Turntable

How a turntable company used Audality WiC® wireless audio technology to deliver Hi-Fi audio from its conventional turntable to WiC® compatible wireless speakers.

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