Audality's WiC® Wireless Technology chosen by Concierge Audio for 

Reference Music System One (RMS One) - The World's Finest Music Streaming  System

ATLANTA – 6/20/2023 - Wireless audio technology company Audality announced on Tuesday that its patented WiC® Wireless Audio Technology was recently selected for the new Reference Music System One (RMS One) home audio offering from luxury audio brand Concierge Audio. 

With its partnership with Concierge Audio, Audality becomes the cornerstone technology in a truly stunning music streaming system. Audality WiC® Wireless Audio enabled Concierge to achieve performance unachievable with other wireless solutions by allowing full audio frequency response, robust connectivity, one-to-many transmission capability, superior range, and simplicity of use. 

WiC® Wireless Audio Technology offers Original Equipment Manufacturers a high quality, robust solution superior to other solutions in the marketplace, including BlueTooth, WiFi, and others.

 "We almost abandoned wireless in our RMS One Reference Music System before we discovered Audality. We had evaluated every other wireless audio technology, and we simply couldn't jeopardize our premium home audio strategy with any of them", noted Ric Kimbell, Managing Director of Concierge Audio. "We learned of Audality almost accidentally. And while Audality outperformed everything we’d evaluated, it was the Audality team that cemented our selection. They listened to us and collaborated with us to get Concierge Audio the best wireless solution. It was also important to us that Audality is  a U.S. company."

“We feel honored that after such a rigorous evaluation Concierge Audio chose our WiC® Wireless Audio Technology, especially given their sophisticated engineering needs" said Paul Raley, Audality CEO. "This solution exemplifies the versatility of our wireless audio technology to adapt to the most exacting audio requirements. The Concierge RMS One solution demands exceptional sound quality, simplicity, and the ability to scale with future product offerings. Our team truly showcased their unwavering commitment to excellence while working with Concierge Audio to meet the challenge."

WiC® Wireless Audio Technology is the result of years of research and development by Audality to enable truly high definition wireless audio in an age when streaming audio and surround sound are becoming ubiquitous.

Matt Santamaria, Chief Sales and Technology Head, added, " My role in the development of the Concierge Audio RMS One was to vet each technology element and find the best in each category. From the outset, all the other wireless platforms I tested suffered when it came to sonic performance compared to my wired reference system. That all changed when Audality came on board and provided their wireless tech. I almost could not believe what I was hearing. Audality's system was either indistinguishable from the reference or, on some recordings, superior. Audality's tech also proved to be more robust when playing high-resolution music, with none of the glitches present in other popular wireless technologies. I can confidently say Audality's WiC® Wireless Audio Technology is a truly remarkable achievement.“

Today, companies are offering a broad range of audio products to allow consumers to experience audio through a diverse complement of audio and video services, plus their own audio and video collections. Audality’s approach of offering a variety of wireless audio components, including transmitters, receivers and amplifiers, opens up immense opportunities for companies to convert their existing wired audio products into wireless products with at least the same quality.

About Audality

Originally founded as PRA Audio in 2014, Audality designs, builds, and markets proprietary wireless audio components for a wide range of audio equipment manufacturers including Home Audio Solutions, Professional Performance Audio Solutions, and Commercial Audio Solutions. To learn more about the company’s patented WiC® Wireless Audio Technology, please visit

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