Audality  is excited to announce the release of the M1 Advanced Wireless Guitar System . After years of serving  professional guitarists and bassists with our previous product, WiC For Guitar, we’ve solicited feedback from our customers and have built both functional and technical improvements into this new state of the art wireless system. Priced significantly less than systems that don’t have the same capabilities, this product is a staple for any serious-minded professional guitarist or bassist. 

M1 Specifications: 


Superior Tone

that's equal to or better than any cable

Pairs Instantly

and automatically -
it's almost like magic.

No more

and automatically -
it's almost like magic.

Extra Long Life

via the rechargeable batteries - perfect for any gig

Exceptional Tone -  We’ve been told that the M1 sounds as good as the highest quality cables available. We worked hard to get flat frequency response from 1 Hz to 22kHz – well below audible on both the low end and the high end. That means it captures alternate tunings on the bass, full harmonics on guitar, and even synthesized frequencies in electronic music.

Quick Change On Stage! - Our customers asked us for a wireless system that could have multiple guitars with transmitters in "stand-by" mode available to “communicate” with a single receiver on stage in order to “quick change” instruments on stage. Done! Now with a single 3-second touch, you can disable your current transmitter and the new guitar's transmitter will automatically pair!  Presto! 

Freedom to Record Anywhere! - Many of our customers spend a lot of time in the studio and wanted the freedom of wireless while recording. Done! With a USB-receiver accessory, the M1 transmitter can pair wirelessly to your computer and any recording software you employ. 

The Audality M1 is perfect for Guitar AND Bass!  - Our engineering team worked tirelessly to incorporate the "headroom" requirements required for bass guitars ( that used to be referred to as ELF in the previous product line) with the clarity of the "Standard" technology that was in the previous WiC for Guitar. This unit can be used with both guitar and bass with amazing tone and results! 

The M1 Wireless Guitar System from Audality is designed specifically for professional musicians - on stage, in the studio, and beyond. On stage, the M1 handles multiple guitars simultaneously for quick changeout. Off stage, you can record and edit riffs straight into recording software.* Play longer, farther, and with more clarity when use use the M1.

Finally, a wireless instrument system    you can count on.

* USB receiver sold separately.



  • 2.4 GHz uncompressed digital audio

  • 1-22,000 Hz frequency response

  • Up to 500 ft. range

  • High resolution 24-bit/48 kHz audi

  • Simple, one-touch pairing

  • Automatic channel selection

  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries

  • Standard 1/4" guitar cables

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