About Audality

Company Overview

At Audality, we believe that the freedom to listen to beautiful music anywhere at any time creates an emotional connection among people and helps them find joy in their lives. Our mission is to produce products that let people connect through music with other people wherever they go, and simplify and deepen the music experience. Although we’re a company built on research and development, our main concern is helping our customers put the highest quality wireless audio technology inside of their products.

History and Technology Leadership

Audality was established in 2014, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Paul Raley founded the company with a team of engineers who formerly developed airborne radar systems, satellite technology, and wireless electronics for communications. Paul is a musician, mathematician, and physicist whose  passion for audio electronic began when he first cracked open a tube amplifier at age twelve. Paul's experience with previous wireless audio prompted him to put his team on developing the first modern wireless technology built from the ground up specifically for audio. 

With leaders in the industry backed by years of experience in high fidelity audio and wireless technology, the company develops audio equipment with the truest sound available.  Audality wireless audio gear is known for providing a dark sound stage, out of which appears music with clean, clear sound. The responsiveness of the electronics produce excellent rhythm and pace. The micro and macro dynamics draw your ear to the music, producing an experience that most agree has been long missing in wireless. 

Product Offerings

  • Wireless Audio Devices - Our line of wireless audio devices, ready to use out-of-the-box with WiC compatible speakers and receivers.

  • Wireless Audio Modules - Three versatile WiC compliant wireless audio modules for OEMs to design into products - each can be configured as a transmitter, receiver, or two-way audio system.

  • Audio Amplifiers - Three super efficient, high quality amplifier modules ranging from 65 watts to 300 watts that work with our wireless audio modules to power speakers of virtually any size.