Our wireless audio devices are ready to use out-of-the-box with WiC compatible speakers and receiver modules. You can pair them with wireless speakers from our partners, or design your own speakers with one of our wireless audio modules - and our engineering team will help you with that.

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WiC Wireless Microphone Adapter

The WiC Wireless Microphone Adapter turns a wired mic into a WiC ®  compatible wireless microphone with great sound quality and range. Unlike Bluetooth microphones it can connect to up to four speakers at the same time.

It plugs right into a standard XLR microphone. Not only that, it has a 3.5mm jack input so you can play music through it - while you are using the microphone or even when it is not plugged into the mic.

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WiC USB Audio Transmitter

The USB Audio Transmitter accepts audio from a USB audio source and sends it to WiC compatible speakers or receivers.

It works not only with phones, but computers, tablets and other devices with a USB-C connector. The USB Audio Transmitter plugs right into your phone or computer. The connector swivels to allow access to other USB ports when it's plugged into your computer.

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