Headphones And gaming with Audality's wireless audio technology

Gaming headsets give gamers a convenient, portable way to listen and communicate while playing, without the need to set up separate headphones and microphone. Most gaming headsets are wired either to analog audio using a 3.5mm jack, or to a USB port on the gaming console. Wired headsets limit the convenience by tethering gamers to the console, thereby preventing them from getting up to grab a snack or, well, for other things.

Wireless gaming headsets using Bluetooth audio exist, but they have notoriously poor sound quality, limited range, and noticeably high latency. 

Audality’s wireless audio technology offers the best of all worlds - letting gamers get up and move around while listening and communicating with high quality sound, low latency, and incredible range. Learn how Audlity's wireless audio technology can transform your products.

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