introducing the S1 Wireless Speaker 

Built with Superior  WiC®   Wireless Technology

Audality WiC® wireless technology goes beyond the limits of traditional wireless audio to bring you the only technology that delivers consistently exceptional HD sound AND unsurpassed functionality. It’s the audio solution you never knew you needed. The Audality S1 provides all the functionality needed in a high-fidelity home audio system, with a quick and simple set up. Its light-weight design and long lasting battery operation make the S1 extremely portable and versatile.

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S1 Technical Specifications:  

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Not bluetooth. Not Wi-Fi.

WiC® is Far Superior.

WiC®  technology brings you Pure Audio Bliss. 

Audality’s patented   WiC® wireless audio technology is the first and only solution to deliver consistent, uncompressed HD sound -- no more low-quality sound, no more interrupted and dropped audio! Audality operates on its own proprietary network. Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Audality has the bandwidth and limited interruption needed to reliably deliver a 24-bit HD sound.

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Designed specifically for audio

W i-Fi and Bluetooth have adapted to work for audio, but they weren’t created specifically for audio -- and it shows. Their limitations impact audio capabilities. Audality designed WiC® wireless technology   specifically for audio. From securing a proprietary network to building patented technology, Audality’s S1 delivers the ultimate audio experience -- everywhere, every time.  

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hd sound at home or on the go

Built with Audality’s  WiC®   wireless audio technology, the S1 is the ONLY wireless speaker that lets you take HD sound wherever you want to go. Other portable wireless speakers are restricted to Bluetooth technology for audio transmission. WiFi cannot be taken on the go, and despite advances, Bluetooth is unable to transmit uncompressed audio, resulting in lower sound quality. 

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extremely simple set-up

Audality’s  WiC®   wir eless audio technology is  simple.  No pairing, no apps, no complicated set-ups. Simply turn on your transmitter and your S1 Wireless Speaker, then enjoy.  At a minimum, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi require users to pair devices via codes and/or settings updates. For additional features, consumers are then required to download apps, create accounts, and pair the apps. With Audality, once a transmitter and S1 Wireless Speaker are powered on, they automatically pair with no additional steps. 
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