Introducing The Audality ES5 Wireless Speaker System                      


Introducing the Audality ES5 Wireless Speaker System. It's easy to set up, produces powerful and reliable sound, and offers multiple simple set up options. The ES5 doesn’t rely on Bluetooth technology or WiFi signals, making it more effective than any other speaker system on the market.
Simply Take It Out Of The Box – No Extension Cords To Run, Cables To Connect, Bluetooth To Pair, Or WiFi To Connect. 
Turn on the speaker, turn on the transmitter. Done.
Crystal-clear sound that fills a 10,000 square foot space – inside, outside, on a mountaintop!

OPTION 1: Wireless PA System - $999.95

 This wireless, battery-powered 225W PA Speaker comes with one wireless microphone transmitter. Add as many speakers as you need for indoor or outdoor meetings, weddings or parties.

  OPTION 2: Turnkey Wireless PA System - $1,159.95

 This turnkey wireless PA System comes  with a wireless, battery-powered 225W PA Speaker, a wireless microphone transmitter, a microphone, and a speaker stand and stand bag for each speaker you purchase. Add as many speakers as you need for indoor or outdoor meetings, weddings, or parties.

About the ES5 Wireless Speaker System

The ES5 Wireless Speaker System is a portable wireless transmitter and speaker combo that lets you hold meetings events anywhere, any time. With a wireless microphone transmitter that plugs into any XLR microphone and also has a 3.5mm audio jack, you can host a complete event speaking, playing music, running a karaoke party - without an audio technician.This is no Bluetooth System! The Wireless Microphone Transmitter connects wirelessly to up to four ES5 battery-powered wireless speakers simultaneously. The ES5 Wireless Speaker System is powerful enough to cover a sports field, a wedding venue, or outdoor company meeting with plenty of volume. For even more power, you can daisy chain as many speakers as you want to each of the four wireless speakers using standard 1/4" audio cables.

How many speakers do I need?

A good estimate for the number of speakers is one speaker for every 2,500 square feet your event occupies. In a 10,000 square foot venue, one speaker in each corner will do the job.

Which should I buy - Option 1 or Option 2?

Choose Option 1 if you already have a microphone. You get the microphone transmitter and up to four speakers. You can always add speaker stands and stand bags later by buying them from us or your favorite dealer.

Choose Option 2 to get the complete system all at once. You'll be ready to host an event as soon as you get your system. It comes with the microphone and a speaker stand for each speaker, and enough speaker bags for all of the speakers you purchase (speaker bags hold two speakers each).

ES5 Wireless Speaker System Features

Simple Setup

High Fidelity, Powerful, and Weather resistant

The ultimate in portability

Lightweight, Totally Battery-Powered High Fidelity PA System 

High Fidelity Audio

Wireless audio without compromise

Available as a Turnkey PA System

Get everything you need to instantly host an event

The ES5 Wireless Speaker

10-inch Woofer + 4" ribbon Tweeter

High Fidelity, Powerful, and Weather resistant

225-Watt D-Class Amplifier

High Power and efficient for long Play Time

High Output PA Speaker

SPL: 121 dB (127 dB peak)

Stereo HD Audio Performance

Great Sound For Speaking And Playing Music

Rugged, Road-Coated Finish

Military-Grade Coating Protects The Speaker

Physical dimensions
17 3/8" x 13 5/8" x 9 1/8" (W x H x D)
Mechanical Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 18 lbs.

The Microphone Transmitter

Works with XLR Microphones

Converts a standard microphone into a wireless mic

Simple One-Touch Connectivity

It's easy to pair and it stays paired 

Great Range and connection

Great Sound For Speaking And Playing Music

Music audio input - 3.5mm Jack

Play Music While Using The Microphone

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