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Built with Superior   WiC®    Wireless Technology

Audality  WiC® wireless technology goes beyond the limits of traditional wireless audio to bring you  the only technology that delivers consistently exceptional HD sound AND unsurpassed functionality. It’s the audio solution you never knew you needed. The Audality S5 provides all the functionality needed in a high-fidelity home audio system, with  no need for external receivers, tuners, and amplifiers.  

S5 Technical Specifications  

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When building an true audiophile audio system, the last thing you want to do is ruin your sound with Bluetooth or WiFi. Any dedicated audiophile would cringe at the thought of it. Audality’s patented WiC®  wireless audio technology is the first and only solution to deliver consistent, uncompressed HD sound -- no more low-quality sound, no more interrupted and dropped audio! Now you can enjoy the perks of wireless, in a true high-definition stereo speaker.

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engineered to perfection

Our engineers are dedicated to creating the most true to life sound possible. The Audality S5 wireless speaker delivers crystal-clear HD audio, so crisp it will sound like the artist is in the room with you.  Each component has been hand-selected for the highest performance possible. 

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extremely simple set-up

Audality’s  WiC®  wireless audio technology is simple. No pairing, no apps, no complicated set-ups. Simply turn on your transmitter and your S5 Wireless Speaker, then enjoy.  At a minimum, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi require users to pair devices via codes and/or settings updates. For additional features, consumers are then required to download apps, create accounts, and pair the apps. With Audality, once a transmitter and S5 Wireless Speaker are powered on, they automatically pair with no additional steps. 

Sophisticated technology, made simple

Audality wireless technology provides all the functionality needed in a high-fidelity home audio system, with a quick and simple set up. Simply turn on your speaker, pair with the transmitter, and enjoy consistent HD sound on up to four speakers, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi needed.

Extremely portable and unbeatable battery life

Audality high-quality Class-D amplifiers create the purest sound quality in a highly efficient package for portable, longlasting battery operation. The audio quality from our amplifiers is unmistakably superior to any wireless speaker you've ever heard. They deliver true audiophile sound quality without the astronomical price tag.

Hand-crafted to Perfection

Our home audio speakers are hand-crafted out of bamboo for a beautiful, natural cabinet that looks amazing with any decor. You'll want to display them prominently like a piece of art.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Audality is committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Audality speaker cabinets are manufactured from bamboo, and our amplifiers are up to four times as efficient as other amplifiers, so they run for hours, even days, on a single charge.

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