AAM50225 225W Class-D Amplifier

The AAM50225 high-performance 225W class D amplifier delivers high fidelity audio with high efficiency class-D technology. It accepts line level audio from an audio source and offers superior performance when used with the AWM4030D wireless audio module. It works seamlessly with our optional 3000 mAh14.8V lithium rechargeable battery (request pricing), and available detachable, U.FL mount internal antennas or SMA cables.

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    The AAM5020 is a high-performance 225 W Class-D amplifier that delivers true high fidelity audio quality with high efficiency class-D technology. The AAM5020 stereo audio power amplifier assembly consumes line level audio from any audio source; however, it is designed for the incredible performance with Audality WiC modules. It can drive a 3-ohm load. The audio power amplifier is capable of delivering 225 watts RMS with our 14.6V battery packs.

    Features & Benefits

    Stereo HD Performance

    Uncompressed, 24-bit, HD Audio

    3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Input 

    Standard 2 VRMS Differential Or Single Ended

    Audio Channel Selector

    Set Audio Output For Left Channel, Right Channel Or Both

    Simple Connections For WiC Receiver

    10-Pin Header For AWM4030 Wireless Audio Module

    Simple Connections For Speakers

    4-Pin Speaker Connector

    On-Board Intelligent Battery Charger

    For charging 14.6V Lithium Ion Battery Packs

    USB-C Power Output Port

    Supplies Regulated 5V For Charging Devices

    Controls & Indicators

    Power Switch

    Multifunction button controls Power, Mute and Pairing

    Volume Control

    Rotary Knob For Volume Control

    Battery Level Gauge Connector

    Pre-Wired For Programmable LCD Battery Level Indicator

    Voltage Boost increase Amp Power

    14.6V to 30V voltage boost circuit

    24VDC Power Input

    2.1mm Power Connector For 24VDC Power Supply

    Audio Level Protection System

    Self-Contained Short Circuit, Clip And Thermal Protection

    WiC Wireless Audio Module Power

    Dedicated Regulated Supply Provides 5V for WiC 2D Module