Why Audality?

 Audality offers manufacturers easy-to-integrate high fidelity wireless audio technology that is intuitively easy for customers to use and enjoy.

The world has gone wireless.

The next generation of consumers DEMANDS  convenience and accessibility  to the digital catalog of music.

What is your strategy to integrate wireless technology into your products while continuing to offer superior high fidelity sound?

Our Solution? Connected by Audality®

audio quality

Audality's WiC® wireless audio technology was built from the ground up specifically for audio - so it delivers consistent 24-bit HD sound with little-to-no interference in transmission.

easy to integrate

It is extremely easy to integrate WiC® wireless through our collaborative design process. Audality's team works with your team to determine the most impactful applications of WiC® technology and/or our amplifier technology in the expansion of your current products and in the development of your future product lines.

increase your brand's value

Integration of high quality wireless audio enables you to increase your value as a market leader and broaden your consumer base. 

long range

Audality's WiC® wireless audio technology offers the longest range of any wireless network: up to 500 ft.

proprietary network

WiC® runs on its own proprietary network, so the sound cannot be compressed or interrupted due to other household or nearby devices.

low power

WiC® is a dedicated wireless audio network. WiC® doesn't waste power sifting through unwanted data and network packets, leaving all its power available to deliver beautiful sounding audio.


Wi-Fi is susceptible to hacking or app developers listening in on your conversations; Bluetooth, to unwanted pairings. WiC requires a special ID that prevents uninvited guests.