M1 Wireless Transmitter Pack

The M1 Wireless Guitar System seamlessly switches between transmitters so you can quickly change instruments during a show. The M1 Wireless Transmitter Pack includes a second transmitter, holster and guitar cable - all you need to add another instrument. To switch guitars, just turn the transmitter you were using off and start playing the next guitar..

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      If you want to be able to switch between guitars during a gig, you may want a second transmitter. Plug each WiC transmitter into a guitar, and leave the receiver plugged into your amp, mixing board or pedal chain. One at at time, turn on each transmitter and pair it to the receiver. When you want to switch guitars, all you need to do is turn off the transmitter you were using, and turn on the one you want to use..


      M1T Transmitter
      1/4" instrument cable (.5m long)