AWM4020U WiC USB Transmitter/receiver

The AWM4020U miniature circuit board is a USB device that transmits uncompressed HD audio to WiC compatible wireless speakers, or receives uncompressed HD audio from a WiC compatible wireless audio transmitter.

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    The AWM4010 is a WiC® compliant USB wireless audio transmitter/receiver that delivers extraordinary wireless audio quality for multi-room or multi-zone applications. The AWM4010 connects to a standard USB-C connection available on computers and mobile devices and, without any special software or network setup, either transmits or receives audio to and from other WiC compatible devices. The AWM4010 works as an audio transmitter for music or gaming, audio receiver for recording or capturing audio, or as a transceiver for two-way communications.

    The AWM4010 module operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. It has a these highly programmable features:

    Features & Benefits

    Stereo HD Performance

    Uncompressed, 24-bit, HD Audio

    Works with phone or computer

    USB-C Plugs Into Phone, Computer Or Tablet

    Pairs with up to 4 receivers

    Connect to up to four speakers at the same time

    Extraordinary range and connectivity

    Has a range of up to 100 meters in open space

    Automatic channel selection

    Automatically finds the best radio channel

    Controls & Indicators

    USB-C Audio connector

    Plays Digital Audio - The Best Quality Available

    Power/Mute/Pairing Button

    Multifunction button controls Power, Mute and Pairing

    Pairing LED

    Pairing status - Solid when paired, Flashing when not Paired


    2.4 GHz Global ISM Band
    18 RF Channels


    Frequency Hopping Protocol


    Automatic RF Interference Avoidance

    On-board helix antenna
    Programmable RF Output Level


    pairs as a transmitter with 1-4 receivers


    pairs as a receiver with 1-4 transmitters


    Programmable pairing scenarios



    Two Channels


    Maximum audio input level (p-p) 2.5V p-p


    Two Channels


    ESD and short circuit protection


    Volume level offset (dB)


    Audio Formats

    Programmable Sample Rate (KHz)


    Programmable Data Word Size (Bits)
    Supports Compressed/Uncompressed Audio


    Subwoofer Support


    Power Requirements

    Voltage Level - 5V


    Peak Current – 100mA
    Avg. Current – 55mA