Audality M1 Wireless Guitar System Ambassador Application

The Marketing Team at Audality is delighted that you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for our new M1 Advanced Wireless Guitar System! Over the few months that we've all been cooped up with COVID-19, our engineering team put that time to great use finishing the development of this amazing wireless guitar product. So let us quickly tell you the advantages over our previous wireless guitar system knows as WiC For Guitar. 

First, this system is flexible for the stage professional in that it will allow multiple back-up guitars with transmitters at the ready to be ready to "quick change" on stage with a tap of a button. As you take one guitar off you tap the pairing button to disconnect it, and the guitar you're strapping up with have a transmitter than automatically pairs with your receiver. No downtime removing the first transmitter and attaching it to the next guitar. Presto! 

Second,   this system can be used for EITHER guitar OR bass guitars. It has been engineered to accept a wide enough range of input voltage and deliver full frequency response to the receiver. 

Third, with a USB receiver accessory, you can record 24-bit uncompressed HD audio wirelessly into any of the well-known music recording software packages. 

And finally, the tone on this product is every bit as amazing as the original WiC for Guitar! 

Now to the details. We are very selective about sponsoring artists as we want our products to be identified with highly talented professionals. For this reason, we ship the gear to you right away with a mutual set of expectations. We believe in synergistic partnerships where our artists get more promotion via our web and social channels while the artists also promote the use of our gear to their fanbase ( and most importantly other top tier musicians ) . 

Here's what we ask of our Ambassadors promotionally once he or she receives the sponsored gear.       

1. Create a short "unboxing video" when your M1 system arrives. Nothing fancy...shot on a high quality smartphone is fine. The more concise the better. When complete, we'll give an email address or dropbox location to send it to our Marketing Department for promotion on our Website and Social Media Channels. 

2. Monthly (at minimum)  promote the M1 system via all your social media channels. 

3. 3-4 times per year, shoot live use videos at your gigs for your social media to be co-promoted by Audality. 

4. Place the Audality logo on your website as a corporate sponsor. 

Here is what we commit to do to promote our Ambassador artists.                                                                 

1. Prepare a biographical promotion page in the Audality Ambassadors section of our website. 

2. Regularly post your video/image content that you submit to Audality via our social media channels. 

3. Regularly promote your live shows via our social media channels. 

4. Promotional one-on-one videos with our marketing team on our website. 

Please complete the information below. Completion and submission of this form is an acknowledgement of the above joint expectations upon acceptance into the Audality Ambassadors program. 

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