F.A.Q. - Wireless Instrument Systems

How do I connect the transmitter?

The transmitter is connected by using the 1 meter long cable (included) and plugging one end into the ¼” jack on the transmitter, while plugging the other end of the cable into the ¼” jack on your guitar, bass or any instrument with a pickup in it. The transmitter can be clipped to your guitar strap or belt by using the holster with rotating clip, or placed in your pocket.

How do I connect the receiver?

The receiver is connected by using the 2 meter long cable (supplied) and plugging into the ¼” jack on the receiver. The other end of the cable is then plugged into the ¼” jack on your amplifier or the first device in your pedal board. You will get the best range if the red stripe is pointed so you can see it while playing.

NOTE: Some amplifiers are susceptible to noise wireless signal, so it is recommended that the receiver be positioned at least a foot (½ meter) from the amplifier.

How do the transmitter and the receiver connect with each other?

When turning on either the receiver or the transmitter, the blue LED light will flash. When both the receiver and the transmitter are turned on, the blue LED lights on both the Receiver and transmitter will stay on, indicating that they are paired together. If the blue light is flashing on both units, push the pairing button (button left of the LED light panel) of the transmitter and they will pair instantly.


Typically the batteries are fully charged at the factory. The batteries are long-life, high quality Lithium Polymer batteries with no “memory” effects resulting from partial charging.

The dual USB charger will let you charge both devices at the same time in approx. 2 ½ hrs (solid green LED light indicates full charge).

What is the lifespan of the batteries?

The batteries in the are long-life, high quality Lithium Polymer batteries that should last for over 1000 charge cycles.

The has also been designed to manage the battery charging for maximum lifespan. We do recommend that you store the batteries at a temperature you would like to be in yourself (room temperature or below), because storing the battery at high temperatures can shorten its lifespan.

What do the LED lights indicate?

Green = Charger connected

Amber = Charging (this LED goes off to indicate that the battery is fully charged)

Blue = Pairing (solid = paired, flashing = not paired)

Red = Battery low

Is the USB charger suitable for charging other devices?


However, since we don’t manufacture those devices we cannot make any guarantees about charger performance with other devices.

Can I charge the transmitter or receiver by connecting to my computer?


Both the transmitter and receiver can be charged from the USB port of your computer.

Do I need to install special drivers when using the USB receiver with a computer for the first time?


Windows or Mac computers will automatically install the required baseline level drivers the first time the USB receiver is used.

Can I use any other cables with my Wireless Instrument System?


However, we supply high quality cables with your wireless instrument system. We can’t take responsibility for any dissatisfaction of the performance of the our wireless instrument systemwhen used with components from other suppliers.