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Audality Launches WiC®, the Future of Wireless Audio

Reported by Businesswire

 Audality, an Atlanta-based wireless audio technology firm, announces the launch of WiC®, its patented technology delivering high-quality, uncompressed sound to multiple speakers without the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In comparison to Wi-Fi sound products, Audality’s WiC® technology does not depend on the increasingly crowded home network. Additionally, where Bluetooth compresses audio, WiC® delivers uncompressed, 24-bit audio with more than 500 feet of range, the same high bit rate used by streaming platforms such as Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi.

“Our WiC® technology is a game changer in the wireless audio equipment market. It was created to marry the portability of wireless audio with true audiophile sound,” shares Paul Raley, CEO of Audality. “Over the years, Bluetooth systems have increased portability, but significantly sacrificed audio quality. We give consumers both convenience and extraordinary audio, simultaneously.”

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