Introducing the A1 Wireless Audio Bridge
The audiophile solution for high definition wireless
3 May, 2022 by
Introducing the A1 Wireless Audio Bridge
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian


    In the audiophile realm, wireless has always been kind-of a dirty word. After spending thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars on the best speakers, cables, receivers, amps, you would never connect your audio source with a compressed, lossy wireless technology, which is what we've seen so far. Bluetooth and WiFi fall into this category as they cannot satisfy the needs of high-fidelity audio.

    Wi-Fi is susceptible to power outages, interference from multiple devices, or even interference from a home’s HVAC system. Bluetooth, by design, is unable to deliver an uncompressed sound. Audality overrides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by running on its own proprietary network. This enables Audality to have the bandwidth and limited interruption needed to consistently deliver a 24-bit HD sound, something that WiFi and Bluetooth simply cannot do.

    One of the biggest problems audiophiles and manufacturers of audiophile products face is the rapidly increasing popularity of streaming which allows for access to the entire digital library in seconds. While many audiophiles continue to play through analog audio sources, many listeners want the convenience of wireless to access streaming services and eventually will have to settle for lossy audio if audiophile companies don't meet their needs. 

Our main goal at Audality is to bridge the gap between lossless HD audio and the convenience of wireless. Among our collection of wireless transmitters and receivers, the A1 Wireless Audio Bridge lets you play hi-res 24-bit uncompressed audio wirelessly from your computer or phone directly into your existing home audio system.

The A1 Wireless Audio Bridge

The A1 is a WiC receiver and can pair to any of our wireless transmitters. $699.95

The A1 Wireless Audio Bridge can play three different kinds of audio:

- S/PDIF on a RCA jack

- Digital audio out in TOSLINK

- Line level audio from a DAC

*In the line level scenario, the A1 also acts as a DAC.

 By connecting the Wireless Audio Bridge to your existing sound system, you can leave your high end set up exactly as is, but now can play your entire streaming library without compromising your sound. As a WiC receiver, you can pair the A1 to any WiC transmitter, so there is a wide range of capabilities you can achieve while using the A1 wireless audio bridge.

This allows you to add on additional speakers to extend to zones beyond your listening room. In a traditional set up, the speakers and components are stationary and you don't have the option to move them if you want to listen in a different room. Now, with the audio bridge, you can place additional speakers anywhere around the house and even outside with in 300 ft of range. 

The A1 Wireless Audio Bridge brings significantly more functionality and flexibility to your sound system that you only get when you use wireless.

Finally, audiophiles can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of wireless, without sacrificing the sound system they love. 

Introducing the A1 Wireless Audio Bridge
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 3 May, 2022
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