Artist Profile - Sandy Beales
From Sessions to Teaching Master Class to Playing Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Garden…
16 October, 2019 by
Artist Profile - Sandy Beales
Mark Krikorian


Sandy Beales a session musician specializing in electric, upright, fretless and synth bass, has toured the world and made numerous television appearances. Has played bass over the last 5 years with Pop band One Direction. Sandy performs and records for many artists and holds master classes around the UK and Europe showcasing his gear and what it means to be a session musician. Sandy is currently in the process of recording a new E.P with Wheatus (from Teenage Dirtbag fame) and Josh Devine. We caught up with Sandy for an exclusive interview.

Please tell us about yourself, latest projects?

Session Bassist specializing in Electric, Upright and Synth Bass. On the road touring and appearing with One Direction for the past 5 years. As well as recording and performing with acts including “Wheatus”

What got you into music and what was the first concert you attended?

I got really into music when I was 15 when I started playing the Bass, and Flea from the Chili Peppers was a massive influence, I think the first big concert I attended was Metallica though.

Tell us about the first gig you ever played?

Pretty much as soon as I started playing the Bass I was gigging in my local area, great practice and experience to just get stuck in and perform live straight away.

What was your most memorable performance?

Probably Wembley stadium, it’s such an iconic venue for everyone here in the UK, and for me it was always a dream and an aspiration to perform at Wembley, such a special thing to have been able to achieve that dream. Madison Square Garden comes in at a very close second though.

What are you listening to now?

Mostly music that was made a long time ago, I’m a big funk and Motown fan, but also the latest Drake album and Frank Ocean.

What is your deserted island album?

Oh man, that’s hard, probably Californication, for me, start to end it’s such a complete album, every track is strong and the flow of the track list is perfect.

And if you were stuck on the desert island and could only have one type of food and drink (besides water) what would that be?

Ha, ha that’s hard too, probably Fries and a Milkshake, might as well chill and enjoy the time on the Island.

Who is one person you would like to meet (alive or dead, musician or not)?

Michael Jackson, such an inspirational musician.

And interview is not an interview without talking about gear. So let’s talk gear. Must have, best for studio, a must for tour?

Bass wise I use Ernie Ball Music Man Basses and EBS amps and pedals, both are amazing companies to deal with and offer flawless tour support, and in my opinion the best sounding equipment. I also love the Avalon U5 D.I, for live or studio.

Tell us about your experience with PRA Audio and WiC Wireless System?

The PRA Wireless impressed me instantly, from its compact size to easy set up. The range is impressive and also there is no noticeable loss of sound quality compared to a cable.

One of my favorite features is the rechargeable battery, it takes only a short time to give enough charge to last me entire show, great work PRA. Great wireless system, crystal clear, just the same audio quality as using a cable, really impressed with it. Strong range and the rechargeable batteries last a long time. Great bit of kit.

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Artist Profile - Sandy Beales
Mark Krikorian 16 October, 2019
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