2022 Prediction: Best Overall Hi-Fi Home Audio System Is Audality
29 December, 2021 by
2022 Prediction:  Best Overall Hi-Fi Home Audio System Is Audality
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian


    It’s that time of year when year-end reviews are published regarding a large number of consumer products. Buyers and manufacturers alike actively scan the lists to see which products are tagged for “best value” and “best overall” in their respective categories. I would like to offer up (and shamelessly plug) that the Audality speaker system merits inclusion among these coveted lists and may even deserve a position at the top. 2022 could very well be the year that Audality becomes a household name in wireless audio systems.

Let’s start with Audality technology and a representative S3 Audality speaker. Audality’s revolutionary technology does not require Bluetooth or WiFi. The S3 speaker can remain plugged in during play and while it is at rest, but it can also draw power from its built-in lithium battery which has a playtime life of over 20 hours. A 100-watt amplifier is packed into this speaker; the speaker can play left, right, or central stereo according to your needs and accompanying equipment.

    The speaker itself weighs only 9.5 pounds and therefore is completely portable (especially given its lithium battery power capability and independence from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity), and it communicates with a transmitter that enjoys a range of over 500 feet. If you are looking for a wireless speaker that is portable and has its own power source (like many Bluetooth portable speakers), and which also has superior, crisp sound (like many Wi-Fi based home stereo systems), then Audality is the answer for you. An S3 speaker costs only $599 (including the transmitter).

    Now, compare that amazing Audality deal (superior audio quality and groundbreaking technology) with a product highly rated in a year-end review of home audio systems.  The website www.audiostance.com/home-stereo-systems discusses its selection for the 2021 best overall home stereo system.  That website’s selection uses a dual speaker stereo system with internal processing, but it is dependent on Bluetooth pairing or a WiFi connection for streaming services. It boasts 60 watts and weighs 13.23 pounds, so it is not exactly made for easy portability.  Its price tag runs around $625 USD.

    Audiostance’s second choice boasts a more traditional, time-honored look for a home stereo system.  The website’s next favored selection boasts a 50-watt amplifier.  This system consists of a receiver with two speakers (plus wires), and it has Bluetooth capability.  The system has nice portability at only 5.73 pounds, but obviously its portability will be limited by power sources, Bluetooth range, and Wi-Fi availability. This model costs about $598 USD.  

    Thus, I would argue that any Audality speaker, or one or more pairs of Audality speakers, provide the best overall value and best home stereo system heading into the calendar year 2022.  Audality technology is superior to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based systems because Audality technology delivers 24-bit, uncompressed audio to multiple receivers at one time.  Likewise, its range and portability are superior to almost anything out on the market right now.  Audality speakers are beautifully-made, crafted from sustainable bamboo. The S5 and S7 model speakers are perfect for a wonderful home stereo system (think Hi-Fi, easy-to-use-and-set-up surround sound),  but don’t forget that you will never need another small Bluetooth-enabled device if you also choose from Audality’s smaller, more portable speakers. My vote is already in for 2022 --- Audality is The Best Wireless Home Audio System and The Overall Best Value. Period.  Happy New Year, and see you next year!

2022 Prediction:  Best Overall Hi-Fi Home Audio System Is Audality
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 29 December, 2021
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