Audio Amplifier Technology

                    Our high quality Class-D amplifiers create the purest sound quality in a highly efficient package for portable, long-lasting battery operation. 

                    Multi-purpose audio amplifiers

                    Our amplifiers range from 65 watts to 325 watts in a compact arrangement so you can create the audio products of your choice. They all have on board Lithium Ion battery charging circuits with automatic shutoff and short circuit, clip and thermal overload protection. 

                    Whether you're creating the next portable, wireless speaker, a guitar amp, or a nuclear clock radio, these amps will set you on your way.

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                    Extraordinary audio quality

                    True high fidelity audio quality with high efficiency class-D technology.

                    WiC wireless audio compatible

                    All of our amplifier modules have a 10-pin connector to accept the AWM4020D WiC module to create a wireless amplifier.


                    Each of our amps is designed to fit inside or attach to the back of a traditional speaker to convert into a wireless, battery powered speaker.

                    On board battery charger

                    Each amplifier has an on-board battery charger that charges either a Lithium Ion battery packs with automatic stop sized for the amplifier.


                    Our amplifiers switch to configure it to supply left-channel, right-channel, or both channels, so you can power a single stereo speaker or two single-channel speakers for stereo sound.

                    Low Power

                    These amplifiers are up to 94% efficient, so they run for hours and even days on a single charge.