Extraordinary Audio Quality

Our high quality Class-D amplifiers create the purest sound quality in a highly efficient package for portable, long-lasting battery operation.


Our amplifiers switch to configure it to supply left-channel, right-channel, or both channels, so you can power a single stereo speaker or two single-channel speakers for stereo sound.

Low Power

These amplifiers are up to 94% efficient, so they run for hours and even days on a single charge.

Completely Wireless Audio Power Amplifier

Audality's Wireless Integrated Amps make it easy for you to transform your product into a completely wireless system so you can create the audio product of your choice. Whether you're creating the next portable, wireless speaker, a guitar amp, or a nuclear clock radio, these amps will set you on your way.

 Battery-Capable Wireless Integrated Audio Amplifier

 Audality's Wireless Intergrated Audio Amplifiers are compatible with a collection of battery packs and other components to help you build the best solution for you. 

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 Bluetooth Remote Control

 Our amplifiers have bluetooth embedded on the board, so you create products that allow for control directly from your phone or laptop.

On-Board High End DSP

 Audality's Integrated Wireless Amplifiers are built with Analog Devices ADAU1452 SigmaDSP Digital Audio Processor.

The ADAU1452 / ADAU1451 / ADAU1450 are automotive qualified audio processors that far exceed the digital signal processing capabilities of earlier SigmaDSP® devices. The restructured hardware architecture is optimized for efficient audio processing. The audio processing algorithms are realized in sample-by-sample and block-by-block paradigms that can both be executed simultaneously in a signal processing flow created using the graphical programming tool, SigmaStudio™.

SigmaStudio is a graphical development tool for the development of custom signal flows. It enables programming, development, and tuning software for ADI DSP audio processors and A2B® transceivers.