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    The Future of Wireless Audio is HERE!  

    See if this scenario sounds familiar. In these trying times of COVID-19, your whole family is at home. You're working at home. Your kids are binge-watching Tiger King for the 3rd time, or using Zoom for home-schooling, and your WiFi has been maxed out. It's being sucked down like a happy hour margarita! And your whole world would seem a little more normal with some beautiful and inspirational music. 

    That's where Audality comes in!  

    Audality has patented the first and only wireless audio technology to give you the portability of Bluetooth with the HD sound quality (better, even) of Wi-Fi. No more dropped connections,with multiple devices that can be paired, just easy “one-click” connectivity and bold, audacious sound that you can take anywhere. Plus, it has a longer range (four football fields) than you’ll ever need. And since all transmission is taking place on Audality's proprietary "point in time" network there is ZERO interference or interaction with your current WiFi hardware or signal in your home. Tiger King be damned! Introducing the S-Series Speaker Line from Audality!
    Audality is excited to release the first line of home audio speakers manufactured with our best in class technology, the S-series. And in these trying times, we thought the best way to do that was to present our entry level speaker, the  Audality S1. 

    The S1 is a compact, highly portable speaker that packs a punch. Fashioned out of beautiful ( and renewable) bamboo, and with 100 watts of class D amplification, there's no better product to introduce the marketplace to the amazing wireless technology we have patented to bring the future of beautiful wireless audio into your home. 

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