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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Atlanta Dads

Feature in Best Self Atlanta

"Is your dad a music guy? Then Audality wireless speakers are the perfect gift. Audality is an audio technology company based in Lawrenceville with a line of wireless speakers that can transmit uncompressed, 24-bit HD audio for a better listening experience using their proprietary WiC® technology. Being wireless, setup and transport are a breeze. Use the transmitter provided to connect to your device and listen away! Audality currently has four models available, ranging in price from just under $400 to $1,300."

A big thank you to Best Self Atlanta for mentioning Audality in their 2021 Father's day gift guide. Any of our S-Series Wireless speakers make the perfect gift for Dad!

Read the full article here:  https://bestselfatlanta.com/fathers-day-roundup/